Submeeting 2024 Saint-Raphaël

Submeeting 2024 Saint-Raphaël

The underwater robotics meeting - May 27 to 31, 2024

A week of experimentation at sea

Dive into the depths of marine and underwater robotics research at Submeeting 2024 in Saint-Raphaël. A week of sea-based experimentation where researchers, companies, and enthusiasts come together to explore the latest innovations and test prototypes in an authentic oceanic environment.


In May 2024, underwater robots are back in Boulouris ! This year, the port of Boulouris and the Europlongée diving club welcome us for a week of experimentation at sea. SUBMEETING activities are open to...
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Call for contributions

Call for contributions Pre-event à Paris – 3rd of april 2024 Submeeting 2024- 27-31 of May 2024 SUBMEETING 2024 is a two-part event: A hybrid pre-event day on April 3 at EPITA Paris: scientific presentations...
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Experimental Area

For its 2024 edition, the Submeeting takes place at the foot of the Esterel, starting from the port of Boulouris in Saint-Raphaël. For researchers in underwater robotics, it’s an opportunity to test simulations outside the...
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Submeeting 2024: Explore the Depths Together

Submeeting 2024: Explore the Depths Together

Dive into a week of collaborative exploration at sea!

Whether you’re a researcher in marine and underwater robotics looking to evaluate your methods in a real-world setting, a company in the sector eager to showcase its latest innovations in sensors and vectors, or simply a curious individual wanting to delve into the fascinating world of marine and underwater robotics research, join us in Saint-Raphaël!

What to Expect:

  • Total immersion in the latest advancements in marine and underwater robotics.
  • The opportunity to collaborate with world-renowned experts and industry innovators.
  • Practical demonstrations and real-world testing in the waters of Saint-Raphaël.
  • Fruitful exchanges and inspiring encounters with like-minded enthusiasts.

Why Attend Submeeting 2024:

  • Expand your knowledge and network in a stimulating environment.
  • Discover the latest technologies and emerging trends in the field.
  • Test your prototypes and solutions in an authentic oceanic environment.
  • Contribute to shaping the future of marine and underwater robotics by collaborating with leading peers.

Join us for an unforgettable week where innovation meets adventure!

Key dates

  • March 27: Pre-event submission deadline
  • April 3: Hybrid pre-event at EPITA-PARIS and by videoconference
  • April 1: Submeeting registration opens
  • May 1: Submission deadline for experimental designs at the Submeeting
  • May 4 : Deadline for young researcher presentations
  • May 10: Submeeting registration closes
  • May 22: Public evening at Theatre Félix Martin (in french)- Océan fragile: la surveillance des géants (Fragile Ocean: monitoring the giants)
  • May 27-31: SUBMEETING on the port of Boulouris, port of Saint-Raphaël
  • May 29: SUBMEETING ACADEMIE, children’s workshops on the underwater robotics industry
  • May 29: public evening at Salle Félix Martin (in french) – Underwater robotics for the archeology

SUBMEETING2024 Sponsors

The SUBMEETING2024 partner companies will be on hand at the port of Boulouris to present their ever more precise and lighter sensors, ready to be fitted to your underwater vectors. You’ll also be able to see demonstrations of their underwater robots on the quayside.


Nortek Méditerranée is the French subsidiary of Norway-based Nortek AS, which manufactures instruments using Doppler technology to measure the speed and direction of underwater movement.

Nortek instruments can be divided into two categories:

  • Oceanography: measurement of current speed and direction at a given depth or over the entire water column / measurement of directional waves (type of instruments: ADV, ADCP)
  • Navigation: measurement of vehicle speed to aid underwater positioning (instrument type: DVL) The full range of sensors can be viewed on the website.

In Toulon, we have two main activities. On the one hand, we distribute these sensors in France and Africa. Secondly, we provide services for all aspects of physical measurement in marine environments worldwide. For this second activity, we develop our own structures, such as buoys or tripods, to integrate Nortek or other sensors (CTD, weather station…). We also offer turnkey solutions, including installation, maintenance, real-time data monitoring and reporting.


IVM Technologies, leader since 2020, specializes in the Hydro range of underwater photogrammetry, revolutionizing underwater inspections.

Their cutting-edge 3D modeling improves data accuracy, efficiency and cost reduction over conventional methods. The HYDRO range, derived from ORUS 3D, offers great versatility with different depths, to meet the needs of various industries, from oil & gas to defense. IVM contributes to optimizing resources and improving operational efficiency for its customers.

Its customized solutions and collaborative approach make it a preferred partner for ambitious projects. IVM embodies innovation and excellence, constantly pushing back the boundaries of underwater 3D inspection, ensuring the success of demanding projects.


Founded in 2011, DELAIR designs, manufactures and markets a complete range of aerial and underwater drones. Thanks to these drones, DELAIR is able to offer ship inspection services (live and dead works). Coupled with the Delair Cloud platform and its on-board analysis capabilities based on artificial intelligence, these inspections provide clear, accurate reports in record time, enabling a maintenance plan to be put in place and a complete external digital twin of the vessel to be produced. This inspection capability can be extended to port infrastructures and offshore platforms of all types.

For more information: https: //


Syera is an artisanal company based in the Toulon region, specializing in the design, production and implementation of technologies for difficult environments (aquatic, underground, confined).

In 2014, Syera, already a designer and manufacturer of custom ROVs, saw the potential of what was to become Blue Robotics. As a distributor since the brand’s inception, Syera now has complete control over the entire range from this now essential player in underwater robotics. Syera also distributes the connector range of Blue Trail, a young American company innovating in this crucial field.


Teledyne RD Instrument was founded in 1982 by Kent Deine and Fran Rowe, who pioneered the use of the Doppler effect to measure current profiles. The company joined the Teledyne Group in 2006, and since then has enjoyed strong support for new product development. Research and innovation are the driving forces behind the Teledyne Group. Today, Teledyne RD Instruments manufactures Doppler Velocity Log phased array transducers for precise navigation in all circumstances. Teledyne RD Instrument is based in San Diego, CA, USA.


ROV Expert est une PME fondée en 2017 et basée à Béziers. Nous sommes une société de vente et d’ingénierie spécialisée dans les technologies marines et sous-marines et, via notre marque MDC Inter, dans les outils et capteurs pour les environnements difficiles en général. Les 3 principales activités de l’entreprise sont :

  • Vente, distribution et intégration de capteurs de pointe, de systèmes marins et sous-marins, et de sous-systèmes.
  • R&D : développement de solutions sur mesure et assemblage: fabrication et support de petites et moyennes séries de mini ROV (véhicules sous-marins téléguidés) pour des solutions d’inspection sur demande pour les environnements marins et difficiles (caméras sous-marines, sonar d’inspection et de surveillance, outils robustes et solutions d’inspection).
  • Robotique en tant que service : systèmes et sous-systèmes d’inspection sous-marine et marine sur une base de location ainsi que maintenance des systèmes des clients.

Partners and organisers